Announcing Klocwork 2017

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Learn what's new in Klocwork 2017, including the revolutionary SmartRank defect recommendation engine, industry-leading MISRA support, and improved analysis accuracy...

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I’m pleased to announce the release of Klocwork 2017! I’ll get to the MISRA, Visual Studio, and analysis accuracy improvements below but we’ll start with a brand-new way of figuring out which issues to work on first.

Anyone that’s used any static analysis tool knows that there’s potential for a long list of issues that could take a while to understand, prioritize, and fix. With SmartRank in Klocwork 2017 there’s nothing to figure out – we do the work for you.

Prioritize defects fast with SmartRank

With the SmartRank defect recommendation engine, developers are given a prioritized list of which issues should be corrected first, to have the most (positive) effect on quality and security in the field. Using a set of different factors from the Klocwork analysis engine itself, SmartRank calculates a ranking that a detected issue is a true issue, guiding developers to work on the most important issues. It’s literally as easy as clicking a checkbox in the Klocwork Review Portal, giving you a list of SmartRank recommended issues to view and fix.

Click to watch video: Introduction to SmartRank

MISRA 2012 improved

We’ve enhanced support for MISRA 2012 with new checkers and introduced support for MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1, bringing new levels of security standards compliance to your development team. The new rules include:

• Directive 4.14 (Added for Amendment 1)
• Rule 8.4
• Rule 13.3
• Rule 17.8
• Rule 18.4
• Rule 21.8 (Updated for Amendment 1)
• Rule 21.12
• Rule 21.17 (Added for Amendment 1)
• Rule 21.18 (Added for Amendment 1)
• Rule 22.6

Other improvements

In addition to the above, we’ve also made improvements to the Visual Studio extension which combines desktop and server views, upgraded language support for C++ 11 and C# 6.0, and improved the accuracy of the analysis engine by up to 10 percent over the previous release.

Learn more about Klocwork 2017 by reading what’s new, downloading the latest release, or requesting a free trial.

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