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Going for the gold with Klocwork 2018

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Hard work, continuous improvement, repetition, success! We're excited to be able to share the fruits of hard work and dedication from our research, development, and product teams...

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The 2018 Winter Olympics opened recently and I’m always struck by how the world comes together at the Games to marvel at the accomplishments of athletes in sports that don’t often get the spotlight. We’re gripped by the drama and feats in competitions like luge, biathlon, and speed skating – sports that typically do not have a large following outside of the Olympiad.

To us, these athletes perform seemingly superhuman acts, and we can hardly understand how they’re able to achieve these kinds of results, ones that live only in our imaginations.

Yet, far from the glare of television, came years of hard work and incremental progress as these athletes perfected their craft. Continuous improvement and repetition, along with coaching and that careful analysis of the impact of small movements and slight changes in technique. They were battle tested at local, regional, national, and international competitions as the stakes got higher and higher, the margin for error smaller and smaller. What we witness now is the culmination of all that work behind the scenes, in late night practices and weekends, spent honing and perfecting themselves.

I couldn’t think of a better backdrop to introduce Klocwork 2018. The parallels are striking as we’re now able to enjoy the fruits of hard work and dedication from our research, development, and product teams. The new release builds not only on the successes of the past but also takes bold steps forward with tremendous benefits to those using Klocwork in their development environments to improve and strengthen their projects for the future.

What’s new, and why should this be important to you?

Klocwork 2018 introduces a new, powerful analysis engine that offers improved support for C++11, 14, and 17 language features. This engine, and the language support it provides, means that you have the most complete analysis on the most complex C++ applications you can build. You can continue to innovate with confidence knowing that Klocwork keeps pace.

With this release we also continued to improve checkers; you’ll see changes in the analysis engine results that reflect even greater accuracy and coverage. This includes updates to compliance-related taxonomies like DISA STIG.

We also now offer cross-version support for builds, by decoupling the analysis engine from the portal and desktop tools. This means you can load Klocwork builds up to 3 minor versions back without having to import or migrate data. You can analyze some or all of your projects with an older version, while still upgrading to Klocwork 2018 on the server and desktop tools to maximize the benefits of the new engine. This flexibility offers more options and agility, particularly for large organizations and multiple development teams.

There are many other improvements and updates in this release, and taken together they’re the breakthroughs and tweaks in technique, with new moves, that allow Klocwork to continue to land the triple lutz in static code analysis.

How will Klocwork 2018 help you continue to improve and adapt to your ever-changing landscape?

The highest performing athletes are constantly seeking to gain insight for ever-greater precision and accuracy in technique. As athletes, we need to look for resources around us to help provide the insight and analysis that will lead to winning performances. I encourage you to dive into Klocwork 2018 for all the improvements that can benefit your software team as you head into 2018 to compete.

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