High-quality debugging tools critical for software developers, survey finds

High-quality debugging tools critical for software developers, survey finds

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While there are many resources that a software developer will call upon while working on a given initiative, most agree that high-quality debugging tools are the most important...

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For any software project to succeed, developers need access to the right tools for the job in question. And while there are many resources that a software developer will call upon while working on a given initiative, high-quality debugging tools are the most important, according to a recent Evans Data survey.

Debugging needs
EWeek reported that the Evans Data survey included insight from more than 1,400 software developers. These participants identified debugging tools as the most important resources for their work requirements.

At the same time, however, respondents are not satisfied with these resources. Instead, application lifecycle management tools received the highest marks in terms of user satisfaction. Configuration and version tools and development frameworks were also seen as more satisfying for software developers than debugging tools.

Participating developers also delivered low scores, in terms of both importance and user satisfaction, to tool such as load and stress testing and requirements manage solutions. EWeek reported that software developers still use these tools regularly, especially at firms based in North America.  But even these developers only use such tools about eight hours per week at the most.

Different places, different needs
The Evans Data survey revealed that software developer needs vary from region to region to a certain degree. For example, professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa placed a significant amount of importance on static security analysis tools – although they also expressed high levels of dissatisfaction with most available options, eWeek reported. In the Asia/Pacific region, though, software developers put more of a premium on performance tools than users in other areas.

Advanced debugging solutions required
As the survey revealed, software developers see debugging solutions as extremely important for executing software projects successfully, and yet many are underwhelmed by the specific debugging tools at their disposal. This is obviously an unstable, unsatisfactory state of affairs, and speaks to the need for many organizations to revamp their approach to software development. The software development space is constantly evolving, becoming more complex, challenging and demanding. Multithreaded and multicore software development is now the norm. Organizations that want to thrive in this environment need to update their software development capabilities.

A big part of any such effort to revitalize software development efforts should include an investment in better, more powerful debugging tools for software development teams. Only by providing personnel with the best available tools can company leaders hope to maximize their software development capabilities, as well as employee job satisfaction.

Specifically, decision-makers should look for solutions that feature both static and dynamic debugging capabilities. For example, businesses may want to consider solutions that include both static code analysis abilities and dynamic tools. These resources enable developers to identify key safety, reliability and coding standards issues early, before they become serious problems, even when working in multicore, multithreaded, parallel development. Such capabilities can prove essential as software development grows in importance for companies around the world.

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