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  • The business case for source code analysis

    on May 15, 12 • by Brendan Harrison • with No Comments


    Everyone knows this chart, right? The later bugs are introduced, the more they cost. Of course, common sense. But it also happens to be true. As the chart shows, very little bug detection is happening before testing, while a developer is coding. So, if you find more bugs when the cost of repair is least expensive and risky, you’re obviously going to get a big payoff. Ok, so far you haven’t heard anything that every software development professional doesn’t already know. What everyone doesn’t know is that source code analysis can deliver this payoff. We

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  • Prioritizing your Backlog

    on Jul 16, 09 • by Todd Landry • with 1 Comment

    Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on cleaning up our product backlog, and the one thing that I always find to be the most challenging is the prioritization. I’ve worked on a number of different products over the years, with a number of different teams, and have used a number of different methods to prioritize a backlog, and I thought I would take a few minutes to share them with you now. 1)    Feature rating – This is the method where Excel really shines, because you get to create a cool matrix consisting

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