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  • A New World Disorder

    on Jul 30, 09 • by Lynn Gayowski • with No Comments

    The hype has been on for years and although the frustrations of continued dropped cell calls  haunts us all, the future has arrived in full swing….pardon the pun!!! I thought this article between “Mad Money Cramer” and MLB is a fantastic illustration of a dream unfolding before everyone’s eyes. This month has been a time to reflect upon the historic moment 40 years ago of man’s first walk on the moon.  I am sure just about everyone can remember where they were when the first televised pictures captivated the world.  For the legions of people

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  • Now’s the time to invest in developer productivity.

    on Mar 24, 09 • by Mike Laginski • with No Comments

    As software managers you’re undoubtedly being asked to do more with less in this economy. With companies continuously being forced to cut costs, the first shoe to drop is when you are told you need to cut headcount. The second shoe drops the day after the painful deed is done and you look into the eyes of the team members that are left behind and try to put a positive spin on your world – their world. And that is when reality really hits home.  Less people, same number of problems.  No one “downsized” the

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