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  • Recruiting software developers remotely: a cautionary tale…(part two)

    on Sep 23, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 1 Comment

    10-29-2012 4-28-17 PM

    As promised…. In my last blog, I promised a joke about recruiters.  And here it is…the classic recruiting joke. A recruiter was hit by a bus on his way to work one day, despite the excellent medical care he received, he unfortunately died on the operating table. According to the After Life Standard Operating Procedure, the recruiter was told he had to visit both Heaven and Hell before making his choice of where he would like to remain.  He told them there was no need to visit Hell, he would just go to Heaven…however, SOPs

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  • Recruiting software developers remotely: a cautionary tale… (part one)

    on Sep 16, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 1 Comment

    Next HR remote candidate

      There have been a number of stories about internet dating gone bad lately.  One regularly hears stories about how people misrepresent themselves on dating websites; use old pictures, or even someone else’s pictures to lure unsuspecting love interests in. These type of experiences are not limited to those seeking love…it also happens to those seeking a job, or those seeking an employee.  Technology is a wonderful thing but should never be used in place of the good old face to face meeting that must happen in the recruiting process (and in the love match

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