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  • Parallel Lint

    on Jun 22, 09 • by Alen Zukich • with 2 Comments

    Interesting article on static analysis tools to help find concurrency issues.  These so called “Parallel Lint” tools are specific to finding these types of issues.  Overall there are some great discussions on certain tools, and it is always nice when Klocwork gets mentioned.  But my problem is with the categorization of these tools.  It always makes me feel sick every time someone puts Klocwork in the same category of “powerful static analysis” with JLint, C++Test, FXCop and my favorite PC-Lint. This article goes deeper into PC-Lint and what they are doing with deadlocks.  The author

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  • “Oh, if only it were open source…”

    on Jun 8, 09 • by Gwyn Fisher • with 1 Comment

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of open source, but why does everything have to be black and white? If it’s closed it must be evil and by association probably not written well, whereas if it’s open, it’s awesome and godly in its unnatural power to cure world hunger? I’m referring, in this particular instance, to the righteous indignation that surfaced as a result of the castigation served up for the manufacturers of that ever-popular device, the breathalyzer. And yes, I’ve been stood at the side of the road looking stupidly at the

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