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  • Lessons learned from localization Part 2: Development discomfort

    on Oct 5, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 4 Comments


    Suffering is only suffering if you learn nothing. When you learn nothing and needlessly perpetuate suffering, that’s where misery comes in. We prefer to be misery-free around here. In the spirit of helping others avoid needless pain, I launched this Lessons learned from localization series. In Part 1, we explored documentation pain and coping strategies. For Part 2, I talked to Russ Sherk, a developer here at Klocwork, who works on our web tools and handles product licensing, to see if he was happy to share some of his survival strategies from our Japanese localization

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  • Lost in translation

    on Dec 16, 10 • by Patti Murphy • with 1 Comment


      Do internationalization and localization take the fun and flexibility out of documentation? And here’s the answer: You betcha, sister! At the risk of starting a brawl in the documentation department, I’m going to respond  to my manager’s post about our new policy to facilitate the translation of our wiki . It’s a policy I refer to unaffectionately as the Stamp-Out-Fun-and-Flexibility policy. And yeah, I know that internationalization and localization are important to humanity and, um, sales. It’s just that making things more translatable makes documentation less agile and less fun. 1.    Wikis are agile

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