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  • Transformations to solve debugging complexities

    on May 30, 17 • by Dean Stewart • with No Comments


    Applications keep adding more complex functionality but development timeframes and resources are as short as ever. So how can you solve the data and call stack abstractions

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  • Python coding tips #1: with statements

    on Jan 26, 16 • by Trevor Reid • with No Comments


    A cool thing that is a bit underused in Python applications base is the usage of the with statement

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  • Bringing up your Android Dev Environment from Scratch

    on Jan 4, 13 • by Eric Cloninger • with 2 Comments

    quintessence By Demion (via flickr), Creative Commons license - Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

    As (bad) luck would have it, the solid state drive with my Linux partition died the week of Thanksgiving. I have backups of the data, so I haven’t lost anything other than time. I used that partition for testing and building the Android platform sources and that’s about it. It’s aggravating to lose the SSD, but not devastating. All my important files are stored elsewhere. After the hard drive died, I needed to get the latest code for Android 4.2.1 that came out in late November. Instead of going through the hassles of installing a

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  • Static analysis for Ruby/Python

    on Jun 29, 09 • by Denis Sidorov • with 13 Comments

    As a developer of static analysis tool for mainstream statically-typed languages, like C++ and Java, I was wondering for quite a while about how well static analysis applies to dynamically-typed languages, like Ruby and Python. And recently, I have come across this interesting project on GitHub: Reek – Code smell detector for Ruby. Well, I suppose that’s just a fancy way to name a static analysis tool. What can Reek detect? It does not do heavyweight data/control flow analysis, so the list is not very exciting: Code Duplication – AFAIU, it’s not very accurate, ’cause

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