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  • Create time for innovation

    on Jul 5, 17 • by Alan McKellar • with No Comments


    What to consider as you evaluate the balance between supporting legacy software solutions and driving new business innovation

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  • Software Complexity, Lines of Code and Digital Derby

    on Jan 27, 09 • by Brendan Harrison • with 4 Comments

    Many of us have seen the # of lines of code (LOC) stats that get thrown around as a metric for illustrating how complex software development has become: The U.S. Army’s Future Combat System is estimated at 60 million lines of code (MLOC) The software that runs the Boeing 787 is almost 7 MLOC, triple that of the 777 GM says future cars will have >100 MLOC (that sounds high, but hey, <insert GM joke here>) So, yes there’s a lot of code out there, it’s growing, and it’s getting more complex. It’s tough to

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