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  • How developers communicate. Not (using social media)!

    on Jun 8, 10 • by Eric Hollebone • with 1 Comment


    So a while back, I explored where developers get their information.  Surprisingly, it is hard to find hard data on the subject.  As a bonus from a Forrester study commissioned by Klocwork into the habits of code review, part of  the data revealed developers’ use of social media tools.  When asked directly about their use of these tools to communicate with other developers, the majority polled would not choose a social media channel. It just goes to show that yet again, software developers are a breed apart.  As an aside, as I was researching this topic, I found

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  • So where do you get your information?

    on Aug 6, 09 • by Eric Hollebone • with 3 Comments

    I will probably get flack for this but I am going to exclude web developers from this discussion of adoption rates about social media in the developer sphere. Having moved through the technical streams over to the dark side of marketing, I have learned to challenge assumptions and here is one of mine I think needs testing.   In this new age of “social media” and interaction, I have yet to see the leadership in the developer community make any substantive use of it.   I would love to be proved wrong on this one.   Social media, in

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