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  • Lessons learned from localization Part 2: Development discomfort

    on Oct 5, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 4 Comments


    Suffering is only suffering if you learn nothing. When you learn nothing and needlessly perpetuate suffering, that’s where misery comes in. We prefer to be misery-free around here. In the spirit of helping others avoid needless pain, I launched this Lessons learned from localization series. In Part 1, we explored documentation pain and coping strategies. For Part 2, I talked to Russ Sherk, a developer here at Klocwork, who works on our web tools and handles product licensing, to see if he was happy to share some of his survival strategies from our Japanese localization

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  • He crossed the line–testing to development

    on Jul 12, 11 • by Patti Murphy • with 1 Comment

    Michail the friendly vampire.

    Instead of fomenting dissent (that barely exists) in a brazen attempt to boost readership, I’m changing tactics to look at ways in which testing and development are complementary, beyond their common goal of releasing quality software products. What can I say? After my previous post, How developers drive testers nuts–let’s count the ways, I’m clearly getting less edgy. I approached our newest addition to the Klocwork development team, Michail Greshishchev. While he’s a new full-timer, Greshishchev is not a new face around here. The recent Carleton University engineering graduate did two co-op terms here–one in professional

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  • The Co-op Experience (Part I)

    on Jan 27, 11 • by Kevin Welsh • with 1 Comment

    Leap of Faith

    After six years of post-secondary education, my first day of the real world had finally come.   As I approached the doors to Klocwork, I realized it was time to put all my years of education to the test. Straight out of high school, I had little idea of what career path I should take. Four years of university passed and I graduated with a B.A. in English, but still, I didn’t feel prepared. Another two years of college in media-related studies and, ready or not, it was time to make the leap into the working

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  • Top 5 time wasters for developers

    on Dec 1, 10 • by Patti Murphy • with 6 Comments

    Klocwork developer Russ Sherk sporting his mo'stache. It's hair today, gone tomorrow.

    Time’s a precious resource, so the saying goes. Don’t waste it. That’s particularly true for developers, who live in the critical path lane. And if there’s someone who knows a lot about time management, it’s Russ Sherk, an intermediate developer here at Klocwork, and the father of three young ‘uns. Russ works on our Klocwork Review and Klocwork Inspect products and handles licensing. For Russ, these are lessons learned over his six-year tenure at Klocwork. “These are things you need to think about or you won’t progress as a developer,” he says. Here’s what to

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  • Recruiting software developers remotely: a cautionary tale…(part two)

    on Sep 23, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 1 Comment

    10-29-2012 4-28-17 PM

    As promised…. In my last blog, I promised a joke about recruiters.  And here it is…the classic recruiting joke. A recruiter was hit by a bus on his way to work one day, despite the excellent medical care he received, he unfortunately died on the operating table. According to the After Life Standard Operating Procedure, the recruiter was told he had to visit both Heaven and Hell before making his choice of where he would like to remain.  He told them there was no need to visit Hell, he would just go to Heaven…however, SOPs

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  • Recruiting software developers remotely: a cautionary tale… (part one)

    on Sep 16, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 1 Comment

    Next HR remote candidate

      There have been a number of stories about internet dating gone bad lately.  One regularly hears stories about how people misrepresent themselves on dating websites; use old pictures, or even someone else’s pictures to lure unsuspecting love interests in. These type of experiences are not limited to those seeking love…it also happens to those seeking a job, or those seeking an employee.  Technology is a wonderful thing but should never be used in place of the good old face to face meeting that must happen in the recruiting process (and in the love match

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  • How to decode a software development job description

    on Aug 24, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 4 Comments

    So you are not really happy with your current position and you are starting to sniff around.  You might go to Monster and check out some of the jobs that are posted there. You may check out some companies’ websites and see what open positions they have.  Regardless of how you go about looking for a new job though, you will run into job descriptions.  There may be a few job descriptions out there that excite you and motivate you to apply because you can totally see yourself working for a company that writes such

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  • I have the software skills; I had a decent interview; why didn’t I get the job?

    on Jul 13, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 1 Comment

    People who do not get hired after an interview second guess themselves; they look for concrete reasons as to why they were not hired for that particular job.  They might justify it by saying the company sucked, the interviewer was an HR douchebag, the hiring manager did not know their stuff.  Of course, they may be correct in passing these judgments, however, chances are there simply was a mismatch between the person interviewing and the company.  When this happens, count your blessings that the people doing the interviewing for the company knew that.  Being brought

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  • How not to submit your software developer resume…

    on Jun 22, 10 • by Carolyn Denyer • with 16 Comments

    I like developers. I have spent a career hiring, motivating, confusing, annoying and retaining developers.  I am not going to go so far as to say I understand you guys, but I do know what makes a good developer.  More importantly, I know what makes someone a bad fit for the team I am recruiting for. First impressions are important. Yeah, I know, it sucks and your technical prowess should speak for itself, but it doesn’t.  Let’s face it, if you forget the “L” in Klocwork in your cover letter, I’m laughing too hard to

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