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  • Finding test failures in Jenkins CI by replaying test program execution

    on Dec 6, 17 • by Bill Burns • with No Comments

    Jenkins CI

    How to analyze application test runs in Jenkins without having to replicate the test environment or have access to test machines

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  • Using parallelization to reduce test times

    on Feb 2, 16 • by Scott Mills • with No Comments


    Learn how the Klocwork test and verification team sped up testing using the winning project from their last Hackathon

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  • Announcing the TotalView Evergreen Beta

    on Jul 30, 15 • by Bill Burns • with No Comments


    When you need to find and fix bugs fast, a powerful debugger like TotalView is a real asset and now, you have the opportunity to help make TotalView even better

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  • The anatomy of a bug part II

    on Jul 28, 15 • by Chris Gottbrath • with No Comments


    Knowing the component parts of a bug helps solve them smartly and efficiently. Read on for part two of how to be a better debugger

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  • The anatomy of a bug part I

    on Jul 16, 15 • by Chris Gottbrath • with 2 Comments


    Knowing the component parts of a bug helps talk about them and solve them smartly and efficiently. Read on to be a better debugger

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  • Lessons learned from localization Part 3: Test and then test some more

    on Oct 11, 12 • by Patti Murphy • with 3 Comments


    “Take nothing for granted,” is the mantra of every software tester. Add localization to the mix and the level of vigilance goes into hyperdrive. In the spirit of helping others avoid needless pain, I launched this Lessons learned from localization series. In Part 1, we explored documentation pain and coping strategies. Part 2 was development discomfort and solutions. In this final installment, we explore the lessons learned by our testing department, who are known for being generous to a fault, as in “here’s a PR for you, and you, and you…” For this post,

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  • He crossed the line–testing to development

    on Jul 12, 11 • by Patti Murphy • with 1 Comment

    Michail the friendly vampire.

    Instead of fomenting dissent (that barely exists) in a brazen attempt to boost readership, I’m changing tactics to look at ways in which testing and development are complementary, beyond their common goal of releasing quality software products. What can I say? After my previous post, How developers drive testers nuts–let’s count the ways, I’m clearly getting less edgy. I approached our newest addition to the Klocwork development team, Michail Greshishchev. While he’s a new full-timer, Greshishchev is not a new face around here. The recent Carleton University engineering graduate did two co-op terms here–one in professional

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  • The Evolution of Source Code Analysis – Part 2: The Early 21st Century

    on May 26, 11 • by Todd Landry • with 3 Comments


    In my last post, I took us back in time to an era of bad fashion, questionable music, legendary television shows, and source code analysis tools that were made specifically for software developers. It was the 1970s. In this post, I fast forward to just after the turn of the century to discuss the next evolution of static analysis tools. The Early 21st Century Not long after we first viewed hairy-footed Hobbits on the silver screen, and the sham that was affectionately known as Y2K, a new generation of source code analysis tools emerged to

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  • The Evolution of Static Code Analysis – Part 1: The Early Years

    on May 17, 11 • by Todd Landry • with 2 Comments


    Our marketing people here at Klocwork like to see me racking up frequent flyer miles and expending CO2 at roadshows, conferences and tradeshows. Whenever I’m out speaking, I always like to gauge audience familiarity with Static Code Analysis. I’m happy to say that SCA knowledge has definitely increased over the years, but it is still not up to levels enjoyed by unit testing or integration testing. What I plan to do over the next three weeks is to provide you with a history lesson on how Static Code Analysis has evolved over the past few

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  • How developers drive testers nuts–let’s count the ways

    on Feb 17, 11 • by Patti Murphy • with 4 Comments

    10-11-2012 3-28-31 PM

    At daily standup meetings, they eye each other from opposite sides of the room. Sitting on the same side of the cubicle wall is unthinkable. They’re united only by their desire to produce quality software products and their appreciation for coffee and energy drinks. What’s good to one side can be anathema to the other when it comes to code. I’m talking, of course, about testing and development teams. In the interests of generating more comments improving dialogue between two very important functions in a software organization, our marketing director asked me to interview our

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