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  • Code Reviews – Mandatory but Ad-Hoc?

    on Mar 18, 10 • by Brendan Harrison • with 4 Comments

    10-24-2012 2-09-57 PM

    The importance of code reviews has already been well covered by lots of smart people like Jack Ganssle and Jason Cohen. Recently, the subject has become more important around here, so we want to offer our take. In particular, we’re looking at the best way(s) to incorporate code reviews into an overall software verification strategy and how automated tools (such as static analysis, no shock there) can help unleash the benefits of peer code review. More on that angle another time, first the bigger picture. Klocwork recently commissioned a survey conducted by Forrester research on

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  • Developing Software for Medical Devices – Interview with SterlingTech

    on Jan 5, 10 • by Brendan Harrison • with 9 Comments


    I had a chance to speak with Bruce Swope, the VP of Engineering at SterlingTech, an ISO13485 Registered full-service medical device software organization offering software development and validation services. SterlingTech has developed software for an array of medical products including implantable devices as well as external support and monitoring equipment. Their team has worked on Class I, II, and III devices that resulted in successful FDA 510(k)s, PMAs, and CE submissions. Bruce has extensive experience in medical device software development and he is an expert in leading Class III medical software products to commercial release. His depth

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