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  • That’s nice dear, how does it work?

    on Aug 11, 09 • by Gwyn Fisher • with No Comments

    Ever been faced with that glassy-eyed expression, the look of unthinking, unwholesome fear when some long, incomprehensible word escapes your geeky mouth and upsets the maiden aunts around the once-a-year, wear-your-best-tie, try-not-to-die-before-the-cake’s-all-gone tea table? OK, so this paper won’t help you in that situation whatsoever, but if you replace your maiden aunts with a bunch of your best geek friends, and replace the tea with a sturdy helping of Dew, knowing how a real whole program analysis solution works might just conceivably come in handy. Some day. “Dude, I was totally stoked when I read

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