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  • IDEs are obsolete

    on Nov 5, 12 • by Alen Zukich • with No Comments


    Last time, I did a controversial post about the benefits of IDEs over text editors. With IDEs, I argued that the tools available far outweigh any advantages you get from text editors. For example, IDEs provide built-in tools for refactoring, auto-completion, static analysis, and testing, just to name a few. But I must admit I’m a bit of a hypocrite. I do in fact use Vim.  I use it mainly because it is just easier to open a file quickly. But that’s just me. I don’t do pure development currently, so I only need to

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  • Making static analysis simple, one squiggly line at a time

    on Apr 10, 12 • by Brendan Harrison • with No Comments


    As we continue to rollout Klocwork Insight 9.5 our message around making static analysis simple is taking hold. To put the change we’ve made into its appropriate context, let’s think about how spell checkers mainstreamed, and how a somewhat obvious (looking back) usability change turned this amazingly useful technology from something you do at the end of writing a document, to an activity that just automatically works while you create documents, making people more productive in the process.         On the surface the difference looks subtle but the changes are huge. The

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  • IDE vs text editor

    on May 10, 11 • by Alen Zukich • with 8 Comments


    I’m sure this topic has been discussed a million times, but hey, here we go again.  A recent question came up on whether people liked their experience of Eclipse vs. Visual Studio.  Of course this brought up the advantages of one versus the other.  But is that really a fair comparison? It really depends.  What type of application are you building — a native Windows application?  Surely going with Visual Studio makes sense. But if the goal is cross-platform, then you might look at Eclipse. Glad to see people are thinking about IDEs, but what

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  • Real developers don’t need tools

    on Jul 15, 10 • by Alen Zukich • with 1 Comment


    As the topic suggests, this kind of argument has been around for some time.  Most developers can recognize the need for tools but once you start breaking the developer’s day-to -day workflow you might as well flush that tool down the drain. What developers need is a tool that seamlessly integrates with their development environment and their workflow, so they can meet their quality goals without taking a big productivity hit. It’s one thing to provide plug-in tools for the more popular IDEs like Visual Studio and Eclipse, but it’s an added bonus when defect

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  • Developer productivity thrown out the door

    on Jun 2, 09 • by Alen Zukich • with 1 Comment

    I deal with many organizations that deploy the Klocwork software to the desktop so that developers can use our tools to help them find and fix bugs in their code.  The message is simple, fix your bugs before you check in your code.  Many of the organizations I deal with have a mismatch of environments and tools.  In the world of writing code it is not uncommon to find developers using Emacs, Vim, Visual Studio, Eclipse or any number of IDEs/text editors.  Nothing wrong with this, although it doesn’t offer a clean, repeatable environment but

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